Cold-air diffusers disperse fragrances through nebulization—a process that breaks down scent oils into an ultrafine dry mist. The nanoparticles in this mist are so tiny that they remain suspended in the air for hours and leave no residue. This cutting-edge technology uses no water, alcohol or heat, diffusing scents in their purest form.

Cold-air diffusers can cover spaces twice as large as typical candles, reed diffusers, plug-ins and ultrasonics. They’re more consistent, ensuring fragrance is evenly distributed, and more precise, giving you the option to adjust the scent intensity. They’re also cleaner: Because our diffusers neither dilute nor heat the scent oil, they preserve each formulation’s integrity.

No water, no mold, no residue, no clouds of vapor—our cold-air diffusers have a number of benefits over traditional ultrasonics. They’re more powerful and use diffuser oils more efficiently, so your scents last longer. They’re also far easier to use: you can go months between refills, and no hands-on cleaning is required. In fact, a quick rinse with our cleaning solution is the only maintenance recommended.

Grand Aroma


Aromatise provides scent delivery systems for all business settings. From stand alone diffusers in small boutiques to HVAC diffusers in large hotels our team will help you find the right diffuser space.