Market leading scent machines utilizing cold-air technology.

We have fragrance diffusers suitable for all spaces, from 10 m2 to over 1000 m2. Our specialists will help you choose the best solution for your business.

Room Aroma

This simple to use, plug and play system, is ideal for diffusing fragrances in small-medium professional spaces and homes.

Tech Spec

Coverage: 200m³ (aprox)
Fragrance Refills: 100ml
Intensity control
Minimal maintenance

Colour: Silver, Gold
Timer for efficient use


Used in medium sized spaces the Easaroma is our ‘go to guy’ for hotels, spas, lounges and retail stores.

Tech Spec

Coverage: 400m³
Fragrance refills: 250ml
Timer for efficient use
Remote control

Color: Black or White
Cartridge duration: 1-3 months
Wall mounted

Grand Aroma

The Grand Aroma is designed for large spaces and diffuses fragrance through the HVAC system.

Tech Spec

Coverage: 3000-12000m³
Scent intensity control
Timer for efficient use

1-4 fragrance tanks (up to 3 litres each)
Self standing