A bespoke fragrance is the extension of a brand's identity.

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Scent Marketing, Diffusers & Fragrances for Businesses in the UK

Welcome to Aromatise. We are passionate about boosting your brand’s identity with our bespoke fragrances and commercial grade scent diffusers.

What our clients say

Proprietor of Cleeve Lodge Residential Home

We have been using an Aromatise fragrance diffusion system and in our residential home for over a year now. We have found the service to be outstanding. After making contact with Aromatise for our next order, we are safe in the knowledge that our next cartridge is on its way and always arrives well packaged and prompt.

Proprietor of Cleeve Lodge Residential Home

Evelin Jussi Hyatt Regency

It is amazing what a power of a good scent can do. Aromotise as put a smile on our guests’ faces when they walk through the door! The first question we get is “What is that gorgeous scent?” And we will smile and say, it’s called a Signature!

Evelin Jussi Hyatt Regency

Ollie – www.static.fit

The fragrance machine works wonderfully, the scent is fresh and invigorating – just what we wanted for our boutique cycling studio. Maureen and Pascal provided excellent advice in selecting the best solution for our space where they could have easily sold us a system that would have been more expensive and less effective. Their guidance in selecting an appropriate fragrance was invaluable. We get lots of comments from our riders about how good the studio smells!

Ollie - www.static.fit

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The answer is simple, everyone. Discover all the uses of scenting.

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Step away from conventionality with fragrances like Candy floss, cut grass and Mojito.

Bespoke Scents for Businesses

Have you ever walked into a hotel or a shop and noticed how lovely it smelt? Would you like to strengthen your unique brand and provide that same experience for your customers? We’re here to make that possible.
Many hotels, retail shops, and even restaurants in the UK have commercial fragrance diffusers, which are essentially scent machines diffusing a subtle but beautiful fragrance across their place of business. It is no coincidence that you remember certain customer experiences more so than others!

Smell is one of the strongest senses in the human body. A familiar scent can bring up feelings of nostalgia and spark a range of emotions. Having a custom scent in your place of business is also known as scent marketing. Scent marketing is a powerful branding strategy with countless benefits for businesses. Not only can an enticing scent attract people to your premises, but it can also boost your customer’s mood, increase sales, and increase the time that people spend in your business. By engaging your customer’s sense of smell in their customer experience, your brand will leave a lasting and immersive impression. Get in touch today for a free consultation to find out how.

Fragrances & Scent Diffusers

At Aromatise, we specialise in mixing and making bespoke fragrances for businesses looking to realise their scent marketing strategy. Our expert perfumers are skilful at understanding your brand’s identity and customising a scent that embodies the message that you want to communicate. From warmer and inviting scents to crisp and clean fragrances, our bespoke scent will represent your brand’s scent marketing.

In addition to custom fragrances, we provide UK businesses with easy-to-install scent machines to dispense the fragrance evenly across any space. Our scent machines come in many sizes, covering areas from 200m³ all the way to large spaces up to 12000m³. So, whether you have a large hotel lounge or a compact retail space, we will be able to accommodate your site with our broad range of commercial scent diffusers.

In our selection of scent diffusers, you will find options that allow you to set timers for efficient use as well as choose the intensity of the fragrance in your space. With different colour options, you will find a discrete solution that fits the décor of your premises. Contact us today for more information.